Retail & Studio

Our Studio

Our studio is an experimentation in creating an intimate space where a balance is struck between the customer and maker. Our world today is so disconnected. We no longer know who or where the things that we engage with on an everyday basis come from. Our space is an attempt to bring this connection back to our customers.

The shop is a unique concept in that it is a split space where half of the shop is retail and the other half is working studio. This is a unique setup that allows the customer to interact and meet the makers. This intern will create a much more organic connection with the item they choose to take home.

In-house, we produce goods for Local Knits and Hardway Goods. The hope is that the studio can also be a vessel in which we can help other independent makers showcase goods in a pubic space.

The name, Lazy Eye Supply, is derived from my grandmother. She was the creative in the family, spending many years painting, drawing, beading and many other mediums. In a very literal sense, she had a ‘lazy eye‘. This condition is often stigmatized and looked at as a negative. I looked at this as an opportunity to create a positive spin. I often referred to her eye as her ‘creative eye‘. I contribute much of my creative side to her. The studio’s name is an ode to Tanya and her creativity.

Meet the Maker

My name is Ethan.

I grew up in the Bay Area in the 90s. At a very early age, I knew I wanted a clothing brand. In high school, I dove head first into the graphic arts program and have always had a love for the arts.

Skateboarding, snowboarding and Bay Area culture has always been a huge part of my life. After high school, I had a very important choose to make; move to San Francisco and pursue a fashion design degree or chase my friends into the mountains of Lake Tahoe. Not long after moving, Local Knits, my first real brand was born.

After college, it was time for change. We quit our jobs, sold our shit and moved into Tanya, an 84 Sunrader minimotorhome. We traveled the U.S. for the year. Around December of 2015, we landed in Spokane, Washington, where we fell in love with the northwest. Living in the PNW has allowed me to support myself through creative passion full time.

The last few years have been filled with many unique experiences and meeting many unique souls through music festivals/ events. These are the memories that will be with us forever. It is though these life experiences that our brands are founded.