Our Labels.

Handmade in House.

The Flagship Brand

It all began in a small village in Lake Tahoe, nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains. 

We are a rider owned/operated brand that specializes in hand-made apparel & headwear. Inspired by the skate and snowboard community, Local knits was born.

Started out necessity along with the inherent need to create, the owner, Ethan, began knitting beanies for friends and family. We now offer many different goods but handmade beanies and snow gear will always be staples. We make awesome goods for skating, snowboarding, camping, exploring or anything weird your into!

All apparel is produced in-house. Our goods are produced in limited quantity and made to order!

A Truly Unique Label

In a fast paced, ever changing world, we opt to slow down, fighting the current. We do not give into the latest trends. We make goods that stand the test of time. Hours have been spend on each individual detail on each piece. Everything has purpose. There is value in taking the long way around, not taking short cuts, and learning through experience. All Hardway Goods are made using the highest quality material, produced in house, from scratch, here in Spokane WA.